Multifunctional Teasing Cat Toy Durable 360° Rotating Rod With Feather Wooden Balls Cat Scratching Sisal Post Pet Toys


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Cats are like babies of cat lovers, they deserve the best we give. Docamor cat teasing toy with multifunctional structure can definitely please your cats. It consists of two feathers, two wooden balls and a sisal scratching post. This is a interactive cat toy, the feathers and balls can be 360 degrees rotating by cats’ chasing, cats will chase the erratically moved feathers and balls, have infinity entertainments with them. The toy is very durable and textured, your cats can play with it for a long period


1. 3 In 1 Multifunctional Teasing Toy: This toy is made up of a sisal scratching post, two feathers and two wooden balls. Cats can chase the erratically feathers and balls, provide infinity entertainments for cats.

2. Good For Scratching: Scratching is the instinct of cats, sometimes they can’t help with scratching your sofa or walls. But with this scratching post of the toy, your cats can scratch on it instead of destroying your furniture.

3. 360° Rotation of Wood Balls Rod: This rod with two feathers can be 360° rotating by cats’ chasing, the wooden balls in the gap between two plates can stimulate cats’ curiosity and attract their interests and cats will want to try their best to take it out. Cats will have lots of fun with them!

4. Superior Quality Natural Wood: This teasing toy is mainly made of natural wood, which guarantee the long-lasting life and steady of it. Cats will be safe with playing it. Besides, the plate is shaped as cat’s head, so they prefer to play with it.

5. Quick Assembly: Only one step, screw the sisal scratching post and the plate, your cats can begin to have fun with it. Maybe you need a screw driver (Not included).

Note: The screw between post and plate does not tighten, then the post can be 360° rotating.


Brand: Docamor

Model: EP197

Color: Log Color

Size: 24cm * 20cm * 25.5cm / 9.4’’ * 7.9’’ * 10’’

Weight: 730g / 1.6lb

Material: Natural Wood+ Sisal+ Feather

Package Contents:

1* Teasing Toy

1* Screw

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